Summer Fun – Special “Hottest day of the Year” Edition

Coyote Ugly and Fun at the Movies.

And yes it is the hottest day, because Bruckheimer said so.

One of my new favorite little hobbles is getting in line for a movie and telling my compatriot (N.B. you should really make YOUR compatriot one of the opposite sex. many a time have i been shielded by the more womanly nature of my compatriot and I’m sure that you women can find a use for men somehow. what can i say i like parity. except in my DTVISP.) as loudly as possible, the ending to the popular movie at the time. What is more fun, is making up wrong endings.

for instance:
Rob- Sure was cool how that kid could see dead people because he was dead too.
“C” – don’t you think you said that a little too loud?
unidentified guy – “what’d he say?”


Rob – “Man the Perfect Storm was so derivative”
“C” – “how do you mean?”
Rob – ” well i mean how many times can they expect us to believe that dolphins spend all their time dragging shipwrecked victims to shore?”
unidentified guy -” Hey isn’t that. . . “


Rob – “I can’t believe that the wife from “what lies beneath” was
unidentified guy – forget it the ending was in every commercial and trailer.
“C” – (well this is a family forum so i can’t really quote it here. Quite a little mouth on her though.)

so anyway this is all just a back-story to complain that “Coyote Ugly” the latest film Jerry “I’ll film anything that sexy people will be in” Bruckheimer has produced for Hollywood “no, we’re not Disney because um. . . LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!” Pictures, has ruined all my fun. See it turns out the little game only works if the movie actually has a plot. I mean sure we tried. (I’m such a little trooper) Unfortunately “Sure was strange how the bar was visited by norm” or “I’m getting tired of all these twist endings where it turns out that they DO serve water in the bar” just doesn’t cut it.

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