Anonymous Bickering

When we created the conference for Resturant Royale (certain to be finished any month now?) Kurt and I made a place for anonymous feedback. Since the show never aired the only people who left feedback was us. Enjoy.

Alright: out with it.

Well, If someone would make some farking phone calls. .

.Am I the only one with advanced knowledge fo telephone dialing.

No, but the only one with the phone numbers.

Am I the only one with advanced knowledge of phone book reading?

Phone-what reading?

the phone can only be used by people who know how to use the phone. and those who don’t.

Is there a reason that I have been disallowed send access to the hall of fame? Not that you know who I am, what with it being anon and all.

well, whoever i am, i am just lazy. try now.

Now Â?Â?”I” can post, but I forgot my really witty wording. The new version kind of bites. Shame on “Â?Â?you”

Â?Well “Â?Â?You”Â? can take a step lader and jump up “myÂ?” butt. Whitchever butt that may be.

Even assuming you are taller and larger than me, I presumably come up past your asshole, unless of course, you are an assface. So shall I get the ladder?

I wasn’t talking to âÂ?Â?YouâÂ?I

‘d like to see you try.

I’d like to see you cry.

Did you just respond to yourself? Should we meet some chefs soon?

Yes to both.

Well, let’s get on it. And by let’s I mean do something, for I am lazy. Or tell me what we ought do. I like my cutsom color, don’t you? It’s like Lavender with the brigthness set too high. Yes. I still say that we should do a pilot with the DUC chef. So lets get on that instead of making hard to read colors.

Guess who volunteered tonight to be our first interview? I’ll give you a hint: he offered to do it as âÂ?Â?a sillyâÂ? and say he had viagra in the food.

I thought it was Paolo, but now it sounds like Emeril.

Would you trust a sit-com star to make your gelato?

Touche. Gelato and essence are a dengerous mix.

I would insult your spelling, but you would just fix it. Besides, who am I to talk? no. really. who am I? </anon humor>

OK, so now with my f*ed up monitor, I can define cutom colors but not see what they look like. What color is my parachute? </resume submittal humor>

I’m cold.

I ordered the wrong dish when I went to the restaurant tonight. Few things bother me more. At least I ******* a donut. Man, its a good thing this is anonymous.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . . (this color is named �mildew� in the color picker.

THis color is called Sangria.

As a preemptive measure, I am warning you to never make a joke about Barium flavored gelato.

San Antonio has good mexican food. Margaritas are sour. I like pie. Hats are good.

Uh oh! Anonymous sounds drunk!

If I was drunk i would call Sangria Samosa, or gelato, or mastretta.

Don’t worry. The new STAR WARS trailer is horrible.

But word has is that Monsters Inc was quite delicious.

The new-er trailer sucks too. it took the �Creepy factor� from Episode one and raised it an order of magnitude. I drove 23 miles to a theater that was sold out, thought I would have good food as a consolation prize but they had a 2+ hour wait, ended up eating at Red Lobster and the only good part is I found a Yankee Candle Workshop. Oh yeay, and when I ordered Ice Cream they spread it all over a marble slab first. Just to make it really unsanitary I guess. . .

You ate at Red Lobster? That seems SO not you. One of my brother’s friends is now a waitress at Pricci. Exciting, isn’t it? Don’t make any jokes about her flirting with me.

Aparently I wasn’t clear. . . I was trying to express why that night SUCKED. So, um, does that mean that we have to go back? if si I’m ordering the cheap gnocci. maybe that will be good. . . If you (Whoever you are) keep placing operatives in Pano’s places eventually you can just screw education and hold a coup.

Hopefully a coup will work. I can probably wait to go to pricci until my brother comes to visit and see if she is working then. Other than that, it’s not TOO urgent. BTW, the manager at Pricci told her that she would be fired if she didn’t know the wines.

Hopefully everyone will ask her to reccomend a strong one.

I wonder how they are supposed to enforce that. I understand that Red Lobster is bad, but i didn’t figure there was any condition underwhich you would eat there. I mean, if you said you ate grilled sewer rats I would agree it was bad, but be suprised you did such a thing. If you’re wondering why I use this analogy, its because Red Lobster owns Sizzler.

They have passible biscuts. . . and I’d rather be there now than writing this paper.

If your standard is âÂ?Â?passableâÂ? than you shouldn’t have TOO much trouble with the paper. I have never been to Red lobster. Maybe I should try going. It would be âÂ?Â?fun.âÂ? How was Iron Chef USA? Of course, I don’t know what paper you are referring to since I don’t know who you are.

Iron chef was preempted by some sport. at least that is what I hear. Whoever I am I was at the movies at the time so. . . Happy Turkey Brining to whoever all of you are that read this.

I aint brinin no turkey. Are you deepfrying? Enjoy the food and the flight. Assuming you are flying to your home.

No Mon Charie, I ain’t frying. I value my eybrows thanks. . .

Did you know that Jeremy and Matt measure deep friers by the amount of turkeys they can hold? You are pretty excited about that Jamaican spice, ain’t you? I’ve got about two hours more of being âÂ?Â?culturalâÂ? and then whoooosh. . . away I go.

Jamaican ALLspice, yes. and vietnimean cinnamon, AND hungarian paprica, AND some rib rub that swears it is delicios. It was like christmas in WINTER!

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows the first day of Christmas is Nov 1st. Vietnamese. I wouldn’t eat a product that claims to be âÂ?Â?deliciosâÂ? but then again I won’t take my clothes to dry cleaners that swear to get them Brite N Kleen either, so maybe its just me.

Let’s say fo the sake of argument that you are a senior who is considering staying in Atlanta afer this year and who has an apartment. Isn’t it high time you got some kittens?

Why start over when I have a perfectly good finnished cat in storage? The real problem is that whoever I may or may not live with is literally frightened of my cat. And I finished the Act bumpers, the intro, and some of the first segment, but we need to film more asking people about what it is when we are away from music, roads, etc. . .

Turkey update?

Terry dropped by. Rob burned some peas and declared that he would be in a funk unless he could eat some turkey as recompence. he ate (No hyperbole) half the turkey. After John returned I am left with only one drumstick and enough white meat for one sandwitch. I am turning my cranberry sause into jam as I type. Tomorrow I build cake. Turkey is SO DAMN good.

Oh, and Grimey and I came up with a good (easy) show Idea

I ate a whole lot of food this weekend, twice the bill came to 50+ per person. I feel so fancy, and decidant, and bloated. I want to try to make a lot of pan-seared fish now. I have finally eaten lamb (encrusted with celiantro stuff). It was pretty good. I have a new favorite wine: �Pouy Fusse� or something like that. Oh, and I know what you are getting for christmas (Yeah, I know. this is the ribs thng all over again. but I am not the only one. whoever I am) I mean, from more than just me.

Well, if pan seared fish is the goal, you will be excited to know that I got a hard-anodized Calphalon 9-ince chef’s skillet for Chanukkah and have had preciousn little opportunity to use it. In fact, I’ve been so busy I haven’t used it at all save a spontaneous omelette of joy I made after opening the package.

you are correct.

The Pirate is impatient.

Impatient and wanting you give people their presents.

So. . . can’t go to see Stien, Can play spades. . .



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    If Andrew actually reads this, and finds out the secret, all is lost.

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