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Too Tall to Hug

“You’re too tall to hug”

Being large gives one fantasy metaphors that other people don’t have.

“I like it when she climbs on me like a tree.”

There is an underlying disconnect between you and the normals as if you are not of them, but among them. There can still be valid meaningful interactions, but you can never do things the way they have always wanted. You will never fulfill their vision. You are not the thing placed in the mental dream house.

People will climb, but they won’t build a house.

And you are too tall to be hugged.


Emails from strangers

For as long as I have had email addresses there has always been one (and only one per address) person who keeps sending me personal information due to what I can only assume is mistaken identity. Here are emails from one of the addresses:

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[note from the Author. This was written about a year ago and as of today I have no recollection what it means.]

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If only I could have a puppy. . .

The dangerous thing about dreaming is eventually, something in real life will begin the same way as the dream, and then you expect the same great ending and end up a fool. I must remember that.

Hmm, knock at the door.