Lessons from Officer Magoo

So I’m walking out of the lower level entrance of the Law school Thursday, on my way to the parking deck holding my car. My path takes me through the surface parking lot which is for special people only and is physically accessible from the deck previously mentioned, yet not legally so.

About half way to the deck I hear this wistle, and turn around. I see an EPD officer standing with a student, with his notepad out pointing about 4¼ left of me and making a forceful “come here” motion with his hand.

I stand there for half a tic trying to see if he means me, look behind me, and see a group of people more in line with where he is pointing, and begin to move again to my deck. Another wistle. So I walk back the way I came to him.

When I arrive at the two of them I ask, “Did you want me?” No answer. He writes some more in his pad and I start to turn away.

“You made an illegal left turn out of that deck”

Ah, so he did want me. “No, I didn’t. I have not been in my car for nearly 7 hours now. I was just walking to my deck when you called at me.”

“Yes you did you turned out of the deck and just got out of that car,” he says gesturing to a gray Japanese sedan in the surface lot.

“That’s not my car,” looking at the gray Sedan.

“Not that one, the white one” The only white car in the lot is 30 feet from where he gestured.

“That’s not my car either. I drive a green two-door.” Another minute of silence as he continues writing. I look to the detained student for help, but he’s just watching him write up the ticket. I imagine he made a left turn. I catch the eye of the officer and shrug my shoulders in an effort to say “I can’t very well prove a negative, Fishstick, so if you don’t finish this up soon I’ll start giving you the respect I give the parking guy in the golf cart.”

“Well then fine, but I saw you get out of that car, I don’t see how it could have been anyone else when you just got out of it.” He just sort of trailed off at the end there. As I got into my car on the 4th floor of the deck I saw him chase someone down North Druid Hills into their driveway.

What we learned:

  1. With little power comes great responsibility
  2. Members of the EPD have vision problems
  3. As much as I rail against the E/N sites, I really will jump at an opportunity to post an experience.
  4. I DO NOT and WILL NEVER drive a white car.

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