Yeah. Good point. Caviat Emptor.

USA Today, too busy making easily digested graphics of “news” (I’m still waiting on the cartoon bar graph for average penis size BTW.) struck up the brilliant idea of having beloved and angry media [now accepting suggestions for what noun belongs here]s Ann Coulter and Mike Moore cover the DNC and RNC, respectively. This makes perfect sense. Both are more than happy to disregard facts if it lets them jump around and shout their way into just a few more seconds of the consciousness of Americans whom want their thinking done for them and don’t particularly care by who. JUST LIKE USA TODAY!

Except it turns out there are some USAT editors who haven’t taken advantage of the company soul-stock swap. They decided not to run Coulter’s story and Goldberg will take her column. USAT announced they scrapped the story because it was “unusable and unfunny.” You can read it and make your own conclusions (did you know being democrat means you can only date ugly chicks? Good to know.) but GET THIS Coulter’s report according to Drudge was “Apparently no one at USA TODAY had ever read Ann Coulter before!”


Meanwhile CNN is running a feature entitled “Democrats in Crazy Hats.” That rhymes Marge, and you know it rhymes.

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