Hamsters and Mice and Men

“Say, what Sega console is this? I don’t recognize it.”
A fairly innocuous question from a nearly former friend revealed to me the disturbing world of Hamster Porn. I really can’t decide if it is truly deranged or truly hilarious. Either way I would have liked to have been warned.

For those of you not into it, the web site also features interesting pictures of Tokyo’s DisneySea .

DisneySea is significantly more above ground than I had imagined, which is a bummer. Nonetheless, the park is impressively built. Our author seems disturbed by lines, as a floridian I am not impressed. The Jules Vernian constructions are truly cool, but the fact that they house crap like 20,000 leagues under the sea which was forcefully removed from the Magic Kingdom is less than impressive. I was always interested in going to Tokyo Disneyland , but was turned off by the nearly complete unoriginality of the entire park. I mean sure, I want to see a Vegas version of the Tiki Room, but not enough to fly to the other side of the dang world.

Which is why I was excited about DisneySea. I had envisioned an entire park that would be like The Living Seas (watch the annoying noise on the link). Mostly underwater, full of marine life, sort of a urban SeaWorld with rides that don’t suck . But as it turns out it is mostly above water. It’s a smashing together of every disney movie that involves the sea and places in the world that are known for their water. Some of the rides are copies of stateside attractions, some are mild variations, and some are totally new.

Speaking of mild variations, (and I know I’ll hear argument on this) I found the Asian Stephanie.

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