IMDB Review of the month – The Adventures of American Rabbit

One of the many useless memories I have is a cartoon rabbit who transformed into a flag-wearing roller-skating “super hero.” While trying to convince others that this actually existed, and was not some kind of “Zoobliezoo” pipe dream, I found the following wonderful review:

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Date: 12 June 2001
Summary: No complaints from the Marxists, actually
No one watching this film casually is going to find anything political about this movie. They’ll just see it as a fun little superhero cartoon. But, after reading some reviews here, I decided to watch it again. I didn’t see anything that would suggest putting the National Anthem into a cartoon, as one review suggested, or anything all that patriotic, for that matter. Surprisingly, this isn’t anti-Marxist at all. If anything, it’s pro-Marxist.

There’s an early scene in which the characters organize a rally against the bad guys, and the scene, in a not-so-subtle way, suggests unionizing workers. The bad guys, led by a dude in a business suit, take over the city’s supply of chocolate (controlling the means of production and what have you). I thought my idea that the shoe was Marxist was falling apart when one of the good guys said “I know people who can help us. Big, corporation guys!” Then, however, it turned out that the corporations were working for the bad guys!

My favorite Marxist moment comes early on, when the bad guys ask an “intellectual” for directions to the library. Her reply: “Turn left on McCarthy.” It’s a bit of a stretch, I know, but it’s fun, and may even be intentional.

Of course, non-Marxists should still enjoy this movie, and there’s no danger that it’s going to make your kids into commies. While I for one found it to be, well, more pro-marxist than anti-marxist, it still isn’t a political movie at all. An unfortunately overlooked picture. Not a masterpiece, but a fun movie for kids.

Rent it!

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