Wow, voting with dollars actually works.

Family Guy Returns to production with a Summer 2005 airing date because people bought the (altered versions) DVDs.

Uh, I bought Futurama DVDs too jackasses.

Here’s the list of other things announced at the fall schedule rollout whorehouse.



CBS, how will you maintain your lead? why ANOTHER CSI show of course. Oh. New York. Yes. what a underutilized locale for a TV show about crime. I wonder what color film we’re putting on the lens for this city.
Taste: A show about starting out in a kitchen. You can just re-word my commentary about the jury shows.
Cooking Lessons: In case you want a show about a chef, but wanted drama instead of comedy. They lifted constance Zimmer from Good Morning Miami though. So, maybe?
Can we please take up a collection to keep Ed Asner off TV? I’s not that I don’t love him, but pretty soon I am going to remember him for crap more than the MTM show and Freakazoid.

We don’t have any Ideas, but we have stars to shove into shows! Jessica Simpson, Jack Black, Tom Everett Scott, John Stamos, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Caroline Rea, Gina Gershon. Brian Denehey, he’ll make copies, get you coffee, whatever you want.
Wife Swap: it’s a reality show. MAKE IT STOP.
The Practice makes a “spin-off” where the only thing different is the location (same city) and cast (75% carry-over). Because that’s not like the most recent season AT ALL. Look for Shatner to give the most dramatic closings. . . ever.

The Family Guy team is making a show called American Dad
Jonathan Katz makes another animated series. Why we can’t just keep making Home Movies is beyond me, but where they lead I will follow.
Arrested development is not cut yet. Yay. End good news.
Point Pleasant: Because we needed a TV version of the Majestic.
Johnny Zero: It;s a bout a Private Eye. Someone needs to make sure that there is a circle of hell for people who blatantly take from great things to make bad things. Especially when the better bad thing was tried already.
Mr. Ed is being remade. Sure. Why the hell not.
Boondocks the tv show. NOW will you people believe me that McGurder is really just a sell-out trying to make a buck off of black anger?

SUGH. The Friends Spin-off Joey is the most promising thing. What. the. hell. For those of you who point to The Office Remake, I in turn point you to the Coupling remake. I mean an animated series from the eyes of the tigers in Zigfried and Roy’s show? Who; why; where is God?
Fox’s The Jury gets countered with Law and Order: Trial by Jury. You know kids, it is generally acknowledged that the less we know about how juries deliberate the better we sleep at night.
Medium: a suburban mom used psychic powers to fight crime. It’s NOT a comedy.
Transelvania: Van Helsing adaptation.
LAX: Heather Locklear stars in Airport ’04.

Frankly canceling Angel when it was finally getting consistently good and keeping crap like Smallville boils the blood, but every dollar they get is money that can be spent on Gilmore Girls so I’m teeth-clenchingly supportive.
Green Screen is a spin-off of Carey’s version of Who’s Line where they chroma key in things to add the funny in post production. I’m a little concerned about basing an entire show around the phrase people use to insult the lazy and inept in TV production but hey, I’m not the millionaire.
Dark Shadows remake, Lost in Space remake, and Global Frequency throw the geeks a bone, but the onlt one I expect to see make it to the schedule is Dark shadows.

Who cares? They are shedding their black focus, probably because they finally had one hit that wasn’t about Wrestling or starships. Enterprise moves to Fridays. Because geeks don’t do things like regular people right?

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