Yes I did Ethan! Ethan, yes I did!

So I left the house to the odd sound of a very echo-y helicopter. Nope. No Echo; 5 helicopters.

So I left the house to the odd sound of a very echo-y helicopter. Nope. No Echo; 5 helicopters.

As I drove away, wondering if I would ever see my irreplaceable items again
(like my two-of a kind NKotB marbles or my HS Newspapers)

Anyway, while driving away I saw what I’m relatively sure was a F-22. Naturally I have been keeping my ear to the hatchet to the ground, but it seems nothing happened and I’ll be donning my metallic chapeau soon. Well, that or Control was having a meeting nearby.

So the reason I left the cave to begin with is that I had a Dentist appointment. Well, I had a dentists appointment last week too, but this one they agreed to honor.

I refused to get my Wisdom teeth removed for a few reasons. The first is that I am a pessimist. They showed me a video of the very worst things that could possibly happen and I decided right then and there that I would prefer some pain from crowding to having a jaw that was in multiple pieces attached to a corpse. It helps nothing in this scenario that I grew up around surgeons. Surgery is much like sausage, you don’t what to know how it works, just enjoy the end result. Plus, John kept talking about some kind of bizarre specter named “dry sockets.” Ah, dear, helpful, John.

Years after my mouth was forecast to explode from neglect, my Wisdom teeth are mostly in and nothing has gone wrong at all and I am i bit wiser about the fallibility of dentists who stand to profit from work on your mouth. Today Instead of the cleaning I was going in for (They told me today that they will not do a cleaning on a first visit. They REALLY need to work on their scheduling department.) they did an extensive exam. While I am very impressed with their digital x-ray system, I am less stoked about the fact that it revealed my sole cavity filling needs to be re-done. I am even less excited by the fact that my dentist (who looks disturbingly similar to Terry Caroll) kept muttering “How did they get a filling in there?”. I can’t help but think that maybe the man who can impress other dentists with his work years later should be the one to do the repair.

Dr. Kanter has been my dentist since I first moved to Tampa ~14 years ago. I went to school with his son for most of those years and he gave me the least grief about my decision to keep my wisdom teeth of anyone aware of it. In addition, I would like a second opinion. While I can see the reason for re-working the filling myself, I can’t see the supposed “Mild Decay” on my back tooth at all. Scheduling is harder and harder (the reason that I was at this new guy to begin with) and he has nothing available this weekend when I will be home anyway.

I don’t particularly want to go to Tampa yet, since I don’t know of anyone who is in Tampa right now, but I also don’t really like the pace at which all of this is happening (I have another appointment for this work on june 1st.)

So, upset about all of that I did the only thing I could: DVD bingeing at Costco.

Bargain hunting at Costco is tricky. For one thing they sometimes have prices that just don’t make sense. For instance: Oak Grove Market has cheaper prices on much better looking tenderloin primal, and Publix has better prices on Soda.

The DVDs are generally priced very well, but you have do dig through a lot of junk. Their favorite trick is bundling a good movie with a really bad one that had no connection to the other. For instance:

The other problem is DVD makers themselves. Always out to make a cheap buck:

There are plenty of inherent reasons to hate movie remakes, but the DVD publishers who try to confuse children or the stupid can just be thrown on the pile.

Nonetheless, Gems are in that rough.

$29 for all four. Sweet.

Not cheap, but SO worth it.


Back to trying to use up this lamb leg. Tonight’s menu is Citrus Marinated Pan roasted Lamb. Want some?

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