Yes, but that’s nothing to be proud of David, now pick up grandma

David E. Kelly, long-time vocal opponent of reality television is now making reality television. Based around (surprise) a law firm. While showing the dramatized pain of new associates trying to succeed in a big law firm should do wonders for decreasing law school applicant admission competition there are a few problems here:

1. David E. Kelly. He makes unenjoyable crap. More and more it seems that his ability to sell that crap to the audience is failing. (Girl’s club, The men of one of those square states, that movie that was the same as the men of that square state except in Alaska, Snoops) Further, his crap is so very unrealistic. Reality shows are clearly not real, but they do need to seem real to the double-wide set or the whole gimmick falls apart. I am not convinced that Kelly can make something that is believable.
2. I am not convinced that anyone can make something believable. The Apprentice was popular, but it was desperately obvious that nothing the contestants were doing had anything to do with running a business. The life of a lawyer is something too boring for most people to do and too boring for anyone to watch.
3. Even IF it is a winning concept, do we really need two of these shows? Fox’s The Partner just starts the game a few months earlier.
Gee, I wonder if there will be a lot of women with coping issues.

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