Roman Holiday (sans lanky starlet)

As I mentioned, I went out of town last weekend. I’ll talk more about that in a later update, but for now I will entertain you with fable and pictures from my trip to Rome the day before I left.

But first, some mood music:

On Friday of last week I was woken by Kurt who, exploiting a well known pediatrial ligature, promised me some BBQ if i took a trip with him to Rome, GA: home of the Northern District Court of Georgia. Kurt needed to file something (likely something whiney) for his job at the ACLU. Picture 1-1 A brief word about timing: I had a flight that night and I needed to leave my place around 6:30p to make it. The NDC closes at 5:00p. None of this seemed TOO relevant as we left my apartment at 1:00pm. We set out, Map in hand, and drove north until absolutely everything stopped.

Unfortunately, someone was threatening to do a Peter Pan right here . Yes , AGAIN . This is a common problem, even in Atlanta, FL.

Traffic was blocked off on I-285 and I-75 in both directions, creating a blockade of Atlanta commuters between us and Rome. But we trudged forth. While the radio played subtle hints for the jumper to go through with it, we inched along US-41 (yes the same US-41 which runs by my house in Tampa. and I’m not sure heading south would not have got me home before heading north got us to Rome.).

And even with all of the traffic problems we would have got there in plenty of time. The traffic cleared eventually and we made decent time despite an abnormally high presence of the popo. Except I got us lost.

Calhoon Main Street We didn’t make a turn (possibly because I demanded that Kurt join me in amused observation of a roadside tin shack labeled “Hi-tech Computers”) and we didn’t figure out that we were not where we needed to be until we reached Calhoun. As you may notice Calhoun is not really so close to Rome. We got directions and determined that we had 12 miles to go in 15 minutes. We arrived in Rome with 4 minutes to spare, at which point I promptly got us lost again. See, the directions we got from the NDC and mapquest were all designed assuming you were arriving in Rome from an entirely different direction and that your car could change the road layout of Rome using the power of wishful thinking. Eventually I stuck my head out the window and trusted in that big sardine can in the sky. rometower Seriously. It’s not a metaphor for faith. This tower is right next to the NDC. I recognized it from the pictures I had seen and directed Kurt accordingly. Kurt jumped out of the car with 1 minute left and left me to drive the car. By the time I parked the guard at the door just shook his head from behind a locked door. Being a lawyer is mostly boredom, especially for a unpaid summer volunteer. It is nice to know that the kind of last-minute races to the courthouse Hollywood so saturates the genre with actually do happen.

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