Abraham DeLacy

I have a new cat.

I have a new cat. He’s not really as affectionate as Maxwell, or as willing to watch TV, but he is acceptable. N.B. for the purposes of this article the gender will be assumed based not on sexism, but ignorance and empirical evidence that only male cats like me. I have named him Abraham DeLacy for I do not know his name.

While I was on the Phone with Michaele she asked me about the weather. As it was merely 2pm I obviously had not been outside so I looked out the window. Abe started to yell at me. Possibly he was hungry, as I have never fed him in his entire life.

As it turns out, he may have been hungry, but really wanted me to see what he found.

My porch is a veritable zoo.

Apparently there are birds that are living along the top trestle of the structure. I must say, it is a poor choice given that my cat has spent all 2 hours of our life together there and the homemade ceramic smoker I built to give birds a proper and delicious funeral resides just to the right of him.

Eventually Abe grew tired of trying to talk the birds off the ledge and decided to just lie-in-wait.

And Eventually Abe grew tired of that as he left the porch entirely.

Perhaps because I still have never fed him.

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