Ppft. Americans have lived on french fries for years.

Looking through the web site for “The terminal” (and might I say it is nice for a movie website to remember that it is trying to sell a movie when that is so out of fashion these days. Variety is nice, but this has been done in an interesting way, what, once?) I am amazed that they are not mentioning that it is basically a true story (or as close as it gets in Hollywood).

I first heard about The Terminal more than a year ago. My Crim Law professor made an offhand remark about the concept of someone being a “person without a country.” So naturally I told the most interesting and current example of that that I have. While finding the web link I noticed that the band of brothers were making a movie out of it.

I expected to be deluged with “based on a true story” or local news “reports” put together from studio press releases explaining the “amazing true-live story behind The Terminal”

On the horribly mistitled “facts” section of the site many people try to explain how the movie is a parable for american culture that can hit home because with the post-9/11 security upgrades it seems like it really could happen. But nobody mentions that because of the fact that it happened it seems like it really could happen.

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