The Plan (so far)

Never being one for ambition or planning for the future, this does not come easily for me. However, here is the life plan I now have in rough form. (All owing to a modern French brasserie with asian influence and a hypnotic rainbow bar.)

OK. The first step in making a plan is evaluating the resources you have to follow it. The unfortunate understanding that I will never date/love/marry/reproduce also means that I will have fewer expenses and require less space in which to live. Therefore I can live in-town. While it would be nice if I were not so lazy or could get less than 10 hours of sleep without falling ill, acknowledging that fact means I have learned an important lesson about how far away from work I should live. Given that I can only get good grades in a very narrow area of the law means less indecision. Etc. . .


Step one: I will kill Jeffery M. Smith and assume his identity.

Step two: I will purchase a condo in the Forum, conveniently the same building as my new entertainment law job at Greenberg Traurig Atlanta (I may even learn to pronounce the name).

Step three: I will eat well every single night before strolling through my fountain-y garden home to sleep.

Is it worth the murder and loneliness? My stomach says yes!

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