Weighty Issues

Yesterday was a half decent day. Filled with routine that I never would have included if I had my druthers, but still, no particular feeling of dread which has been my faithful companion for months now. Multiple people remarked that I looked better, rather then the now familiar dialog which I will make in a flow chart to keep my mind active through Admin Law and also show the majesty of OMNIgraffle.

January Convo Flow
Now, I understand the concern about that kind of rapid weight loss, but it was nearly 2 months ago. And it is hardly inexplicable. I didn’t eat; I lost weight. It’s not an unexpected result. In fact, it’s a pretty direct causal chain. I’ll prove it by drawing another chart.

I’m halfway to an informercial and a guest spot on Dr. Phil

Anyway. All this was to explain my surprise when I learned that yesterday was the worst day of the year. (With a bonus Boomtown Rats reference)

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