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Obsessive stat obsession JR.

While trying to deal with the problem that google is returning my blog for searches I found this referral search:

wild noodles litigation

Odd enough, but the most common? “Campus movie fest” examples.

They. . . have them ALL on their site.


also returned: this unbelievable description.


Ronco in-egg scrambler

B000059Ged.01. Sclzzzzzzz I can’t even begin to describe something this stupid without a studio audience.
This is the ultimate in “who on earth has THAT problem” merchandise.


Flickr Feed

I’ve added the bit of geist to the sidebar as a place for photos that don’t deserve a whole entry. The other cool thing is that I can upload these photos directly from the phone so you stalker types can see what I see every day. Up to 10 MB a month anyway. . .

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I would have much prefered to see this movie.

The Star Wars LEGO video game dosn’t seem like fun to play, but it does seem like fun to watch.


On a related note the Clone Wars Cartoon Series will be out on DVD soon. Yay. Please, stay home and watch that instead of Ep. III. Send a message.



This might be just the thing for my pile of unloved DVDs.

Peerflix facilitates DVD swapping for $0.99 each swap. (Discs only, swap credits pre-purchased 5 at a time) Quality imbalance issues are solved by assigning different “peerbux” values to titles. Most one disks seem set at 3.
This was the sort of world that people envisioned when they protested DIVX and other consumable DVD theories. Since it is digital there is no reason that viewing the disc would reduce the value (like VHS) Of course, anyone with Netflix knows that occasionally someone’s idea of “viewing” includes “using it as a puck in street hockey”

Sometimes (pre-netflix) I got a little over-zellous buying DVDs, to say nothing of well-meaning gifts from people who don’t really know my taste or DVDs Michaele and I both bought.

Still, after I dump those, I can;t imagine using the service much more. I could see digging through the discount DVD bin and trading up for a buck a piece where the peerbux economy lags reality, but a) I don’t have time, b) those are the bazaar people I mock in EQ and c) If I want to OWN a DVD I want a case for it too. For me, Netflix eliminated the need for this service, and it probably costs more than a Netflix membership in the short run. If, however you are suddenly distraught at the permanency of your collection, may as well put it to work.



From the writer of Jumanji? Really? Are you SURE? I mean, what amazing range he has as a writer!


The Current(ly listening)

Behold: The best radio station EVAR!

Go Listen.


Wasn’t it beautiful, like, ONE week ago?

I can prove it.