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“I shudda goda patent!”

An Idea I had for a Learnlink conference named “Rumoratrix” has been implemented and enjoyed in New York City.

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Driving 70 MPH on a Southern California freeway is no big thing, people do it all the time. This ‘limit’ begins to increase as the number of vehicles dramatically decrease each hour after the sun as set. So when I tell you that the other night we were driving home at the rate of 82 MPH, well that’s not really worth writing about.
So what if I told you that while speeding down the road, trying to shave minutes off my best time from Orange County to Los Angeles I looked up from the dash gauges after hearing a peculiar noise to see a white BMW, fifteen yards in front of me, also traveling at 82 MPH but sideways, perfectly perpendicular to my own car.

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