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If violence against horses isn’t terrorism, I don’t know what is.

rachelle said… 
and another thing. – for all of you people reading this and think it is all a big joke and what not. the offices of homeland security can track your internet addresses too.??if violence against horses isn’t terrorism, i don’t know what is. and you people reading this and giving these sickos attention is only contributing to the crime. so if you don’t want to be charged as an accomplice you better just turn around and leave.??ever heard about what happens to people who “VISIT” child porn sites? well this is exactly like that. i have a cousin in the army. i know these things.


On Legacys

Lore, once responsible for Brunching Shuttlecocks, and now responsible for a half dozen things all linked at his blog, has posted a marvelous little opinion which does a very good job of explaining why I hold opinions which make me seem utterly unfeeling towards “artist’s rights.” 

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