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Sure, if you are selling admission to your bread shaped topiary park

Sometimes I worry that I have chosen a profession which has no room for me. Then, I see something which reminds me just how little people know about trademarks.


Prolegomena to going to the Globe

Some of you may be considering going to The Globe restaurant to take advantage of the 1k OpenTable points.  A few tips for you:

  1. The parking Garage is well before the main street of Cenergy Plaza.  Trying to get back to it is a real pain.  Watch for it as soon as you pass the Cheetah.
  2. Do not go to the Globe.

More when BP 3.0 goes 102. 


Clifford’s photostream

NASA continues justifying it’s budget to the nerd pin-up demographic by releasing animated images of the tornados the poor little Mars Rovers had to roll through.  At this point the rover has lived about six times longer than the duty for which it was designed, so now, they’re spending their days just tooling around taking in the scenery. 


Open for Business, Again

Artisinal 2.0 is now to the point where I am OK with people seeing it.  I am by no means done with it (especially the sidebar) but it’s good enough that I am going to move on the other projects for the new  All of the old posts have been moved, and most will be updated to the new look.  The old site will keep going, as it will preserve the original formatting of the harder to convert posts not worth the effort, but from here on out, it’s this green machine.
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Dining deals

Rainwater claims they have a “bottomless wine glass” on Fridays starting at 5PM., an online restaurant reservation system will exchange your reward points for a gift certificate good at any Opentable restaurant at a ratio of 100:1.  They also claim that you will get 1000 points for going to Rainwater Monday-Saturday 5:30-6:60PM. 

So, unlimited wine on friday night with a $10 mail-in rebate. 

Don’t say I never did anything for you.


How do you say “ribit” in Korean?

Find out, with


Labor Day Food Plan

I love puzzles.
Wanna play?


Saber-tooth Kitty


Originally uploaded by kingkiang.

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Dick Tracy v. Random guy on the street…um Head.

Super heros should not spend their time with petty criminals. Dick Tracy should not be in modern times and dealing with modern problems. Comic makers should know better then to hop on a campaign that is already annoying people and sounding like an MPAA shill.

And it just keeps going. There have been about a week of strips on this and they just get more and more ridiculous every day. Someone is really going to believe that DVD piracy is done by people using mobile vans full of equipment which transmit the data via a vast array of satellites. Mike at HackingNetflix wonders if the industries paid for this, but I can’t imagine how shifting the blame away from teenagers and the ordinary citizen fits with their message.



Andrew bloged about noted Skeptic “Randi.”  If you like that, try out one of my favorite Podcasts: Skepticality. weekly Podcasts have become my new workout music since they usually last for about an hour.  If you too want to listen to monkey news while you pretend you are outside, try it out.