Open for Business, Again

Artisinal 2.0 is now to the point where I am OK with people seeing it.  I am by no means done with it (especially the sidebar) but it’s good enough that I am going to move on the other projects for the new  All of the old posts have been moved, and most will be updated to the new look.  The old site will keep going, as it will preserve the original formatting of the harder to convert posts not worth the effort, but from here on out, it’s this green machine.

This was a long time coming.  The old blog software I was using was great as a free gift, but it was also bloated, and only ran client-side and was propriaritary and closed source and had no community forced me into aesthetic and UI choices I didn’t want and frequently was buggy.  Toward the end I could not make it update to the server, so I was updating to a local directory and then copying the entire blog to the server, forcing me to take down the site each time.

It got to the point that I just did not want to use it because I knew I would have to replace it and that would just be one more post to copy over to the new software by hand.  Given iBlog‘s proprietary nature I was not expecting there to be an easy import option.  While WordPress did not have one, a darling of a guy made one.  I had some problems where the export file hard wrapped and broke links, but it really is a great clean little app and given the other comments floating around the web I have to assume this was just a personal problem.  In either case, it was much easier to fix some text wrap than to transfer all of it by hand.

Artisinal, like the rest of is now all open-source and more mainstream so this should make it more flexible in the future should some of the underlying technology explode.  (My money is on the forum when I install the beta because I can’t wait for auto RSS threads anymore)

About the other projects:

The forum is installed and running.  You can expect the structure of the forums to change (folders and sections for different categories of topics and such plus a new welcome page and finally deciding on a name for it) but nothing substantial is going to change until the next beehive release gets stable.
Blueprint 3.0 is the farthest behind.  I think I’ve settled on software for it, so now it’s just a matter of installing the mods I want and transferring a bunch of data to it.  Fun.
The Piratenews Archives are still hosted on .Mac, but really I don’t expect many people will care, and those who do will be kind enough not to care that there is a different domain up there for a while.  Not much will change there, but I am at about 80% for tracking down the Karatee Knob of the Week transcript through various cashes on the web.

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