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Australian court: mod-chipping is legal

In a landmark ruling for the gaming industry, an Australian court has ruled that mod-chipping is legal. Specifically, the High Court ruled that it was legal to mod-chip Sony PlayStation game consoles so as to play games sold outside Australia.

What the article does not go into (inexplicably) is that the game (and some peripheral accessory) licensing is how the console makers generate all of their revenue. If they don’t have the ability to charge for people to play on their field (albeit physically sold off to someone else) then they are going to be far less willing to sell the console at a loss.
Game development is becoming increasingly consolidated (it’s media) so the threat of unlicensed developers is minimal; they still need the license for the other 95% of the market. The problem will be piracy. This ruling does not allow for piracy, but it sure will make it harder to stop. (or at the very least, this is how Sony CE will spin it) In a world where the significant legal purpose for an item is a shield for the people selling products like mod chips this ruling makes the enforcement happen at the end user stage where things are decentralized and harder to track. Thus, media companies like Sony do not want to live in such a world (Though, oddly enough, it is because of Sony’s legal fighting that such a world currently exists)

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