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Battle of the Bads

Consider, if you will, 3 really bad songs collected as one travels around the internet. And then go one step further. Vote for the one you think is worst here.

Condi will Lead Us

Featured on the Dailiy Show. This song pays tribute to the woman who used to be visible.

We Built this Starbucks

A parody of “we built this city” for a Starbucks corporate event. You Are Dumb (not a)blogged about it.

The World Cyber Games Theme Song

The “event” which “honors” the world’s “best” “cyberathleates” created a “song.”


Could you be the dream that I once knew? – Science Journal:

About two-thirds of people experience at least one déjà vu in their lifetime, and if you have had one you are likely to have more. For reasons unknown, the incidence of déjà vu decreases with age, rises with education and income, and is more common among people who recall their dreams, who travel, and who hold liberal political and religious beliefs.

OK, great. So why Do I have the distinct memory of having seen it in a dream? Up to 2-3 seconds worth of my life will suddenly be something that I feel certain I dreamt of before. And why is it so often looking under a table?


Library of NASA’s Best Photos: GRIN (Great Images in NASA)

Site with the best photos from NASA. Check out all the spacewalk photos, and even the very first external tank for the shuttle.

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I can’t believe it’s yogurt

I can't believe it's yogurt

I can’t believe it’s yogurt,
originally uploaded by Vortech.

And I can’t believe you picked this as the name of your food provider.
Airtran stuck me down in concourse D of the Hartsfield memorial (until we feel bad about someone else dying) Airport where the food purveyors are less famous.
The worst part of this is how easily yogurt-like substances one may be more inclined to accept as a label for the product come to mind. At least when Fabio expressed doubt, there was no doubt about what you should feel the partially hydrogenated substance WAS.


I guess he finally finished getting ready

Since he is entirely free of such modern trappings as a RSS feed and an “archive” I feel it important to alert the readership when the hilarious Michael J Nelson updates his blog. Where else will you learn about the American single-by-choice bears movement?

Artisinal, the lowest-tech news reader in existence.

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But don’t order yet

This movie has THINGS! Lots of things.
Thing after thing after thing.
I could go on all day listing the things it has, and I WILL.
Never doubt that this movie will have things or I shall read the list a second time to prove it has things.

And maybe lesbians.


“Just Friends” has broken Roger Ebert’s mind

There is so much chemistry involved with the Anna Faris character, however, that she can set off multiple chain reactions with herself, if you see what I mean.

Roger, at no point during this entire review did I have the slightest idea what you meant.


I did this in Sim City 2000 and burned down the stadium

IOL: Mirrors shed light as winter grips small town:

The sun has stopped shining in Rattenberg. But with the aid of a few mirrors, the winter darkness that grips this small town could soon be brightened up with pockets of sunshine.

That’s because sun is plentiful less than 10 minutes’ walk from the town and from Rat Mountain, the 910m hill that blocks its sunlight between November and February each year.

The solution: 30 heliostats, essentially rotating mirrors, mounted on a hillside to grab sunshine off reflectors from the neighbouring village of Kramsach.




originally uploaded by DBKL.

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Microsoft Bob

Microsoft Bob

Microsoft Bob,
originally uploaded by vinceconnare.


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