Fall Media Roundup

I’m going off the grid for a few days, and haven’t really prepared anything to fill the time I’m certain you have budgeted for this site. Thus, I’ll be all spiritual about it and just point you to what has been occupying my time lately.

Amazon links first, more nerdy link following.


“Disenchanted Hearts Unite” (Tullycraft)
Disenchanted Hearts Unite

I got it for Secretly Minnesotan, because I’m basically the opposite. But the whole album is just on repeated loop in my head. Which is probably because it’s on loop on my computer. Still, it deserves it’s place in both.

“You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having ” (Atmosphere)
You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

Similar to Tullycraft, I got this because Minnesota rappers are not swarming the planet. This is more than white rap novelty, and so long as you just skip over Bam, you have a pretty perfect album here. This runs the gamut from heartfelt songs about fathers and sons and being addicted to a woman, to braggadocio and womanizing, to social commentary using drug commercials and the Cosby talks to kids about drugs album.

Lost is done, but I’ve moved on to a missed show that debuted last season which is actually better but almost unnoticed.

“Veronica Mars
Netflix link

The show can occasionally dip into WB teen drama territory, but thankfully most of the time it’s just a spunky girl using gadgets and intelligence to solve mysteries and a multi-season story arc. Also, it has a good soundtrack.


“XB Burnout Revenge” (Electronic Arts)
Gamefly link
It’s just amazing. Seriously.

Gamelfy Link

I’m playing it again. Because it’s JUST THAT GOOD.

(Adnan, you should probably keep that PS2 until my desire to go buy Guitar Hero dies down.)

Have a good weekend, kids.

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