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Bunnicula Jr. and pals

One of the greatest games ever was the LucasArts title Sam and Max. Over the years the duo have found their way into a variety of media, including a saturday morning TV cartoon. Now, for the new serial video game picked up (yay) after Lucasarts killed their sequel Sam and Max literally return from the dead in an interactive Comic. The first two pages are up. Be sure to mouse over the image to read it.


Sic ’em Foamy

Batman & Robin | The A.V. Club:
The AV club does a series called commentaries of the dammed where they review the commentary tracks for DVDs of bad movies. It’s not a great feature, but they occasionally hit pay-dirt. When I saw that it was taking on that vile movie Batman and Robin and a commentary by the man I hate most in the entire world of creative endeavors, Joel Schumacher, I figured it could not miss. Well, unless they dug up new dark thing for me to lament.

Commentary in a nutshell: “There was enormous pressure on us to create more inventions in the film that could be turned into toys. I learned a new phrase in my life called ‘toyetic,’ [which means] whether a movie is ‘toyetic’ or not and how many toys people can get out of it. Hence, a lot of toys in this movie.”

Now, as far as I know that was a word invented by Freakazoid for the Freakmobile. Which means one of three things:

  1. The word was in fact pre-existing, in which case Freakazoid is slightly less original than I thought
  2. The show has enough traction to change the common vocabulary of Hollywood yet there is STILL NO DVD AVAILABLE.
  3. Schumacher watches Freakazoid.

NONE of these things are welcome. Thanks Joel, for giving me one more reason to hate you.

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Super Link Entry: Video Vdition

For the end of they year I’m throwing an all-video super link. SO grab a beer, or something that does not suck, and sit back in your favorite non-workplace environment. (oops)

  • Anyone who played as much Burnout 3 as I did will enjoy this. People who listen to the radio will either enjoy it or write angry poetry about it.
  • Learn to eat Sushi, the authentic Japanese way.
  • Learn from this instructional video on school dress codes.
  • Statler and Waldorf present every Christmas movie ever made.
  • At the end of the year, as you make resolutions, remember that whoever you are, you are somebody’s fetish.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


It DO be like plunder

Panda Xpress presents a Christmas story for our times, or at the very least, this web domain.

See you on the other side of the birthday corridor.


Said it before; say it again

I love the Tampa Theater; I love the Mighty Wurlitzer.


I do not, however, love Jesus is Magic.


I was silent-watching Dick Van Dyke

The reviews on often suffer from the Ice-Tong problem. However, it may be that they are starting to show the creative side of internet reviews too.

I found this on the FLCL page:

Flcl Review


Get taken to a dreamworld of magic

You can call us Arron Burr from the way we’re drop’n Hamoltons.


The site actually works now

The archives, and a search page are now up under “about Artisinal”. Finally. The Search results are not returning in the style I would like, and I’d rather the post list appear under the archives heading, but these are minor complaints. Now I really ought to do something about Blueprint 3.0. Times like this I wish I took CS classes.


Super Link Entry: lots of linguistic ambiguity, cute animals in various danger, and driving a running joke into the ground

Happy boring Friday.


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