Microsoft hopes you know how sincerely they take their customers for granted

John Porcaro: mktg@msft:

Microsoft encourages employees to run their own blogs to counter the kind of negative blogging “Scoble” did. But, the problem is they are not always good at it. How, exactly, is being told that your purchase is just assumed so we don’t care about you helpful to anyone? It’s discouraging to future customers; it’s showing current disgruntled customers that not wanting their console is the only thing Microsoft will hear; it makes grunted current customers wonder why they aren’t disgruntled.

And while we get the sincere sorrow of the problems a constrained supply causes, every XBL gamer badge on the website of everyone even remotely connected to Microsoft shows where their priorities are.

The funny thing is, before I read this entry I didn’t much care. Demand outstripped supply – maybe intentionally, but I doubt it. But now, their mistakes choices are shown in a numbered list. I was specifically considered and left by the wayside. All of the reasons why just reinforce how deliberate it was. Explaining that it was the best move for the shareholders does not soothe the wound they made then aggravated one bit. Now, it’s annoying. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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