Now I feel worse for all the puerile jokes we made as kids

A good story of how a local Georgia business success followed a quality over quantity strategy.

The Man Who Said No to Wal-Mart:

Wier traveled to Bentonville with a firm grasp of the values of Snapper, the dynamics of the lawn-mower business, the needs of the dealers, the needs of the Snapper customer, and the needs of the Wal-Mart customer. He was not dazzled by the tens of millions of dollars’ worth of lawn mowers Wal-Mart was already selling for Snapper; he was not deluded about his ability to beat Wal-Mart at its own game, to somehow resist the price pressure. He was not imagining that he could take the sales now and figure out the profits later.

Jim Wier believed that Snapper’s health–indeed, its very long-term survival–required that it not do business with Wal-Mart.

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