Super Link Entry: Founding Fathers, generous grannies, churlish canucks, and deadly doctors

Ich werde mit Nahrung der Deutscher und der Verbindungen des Internets gefüllt!

  • When it comes to Ben Franklin I have the knowledge of a rodent. For the birthday of Ben Franklin, why not learn more about him? (I totally believe people frequently ask if he was left handed.) Then you won;t seem uneducated if you are interviewed by Stephen. And hey, why not take up his personal guide to better living? I’ve already got 2, 7, 11, and 12 done without trying. (Did saying that violate 13?) And hey, doesn’t 1 and 9 being mostly the same violate the efficiency implied by 5 and 6?
  • And speaking of helpful old people
  • Last time, I told you about the lady who lost her camera. Turns out she knows where it is, but a canadian family is not returning it to her because they want to teach their kid a lesson. Seriously.
  • Do it yourself rotoscoping.
  • Even before my totally manly and defensible love for the Veronica Mars show, I wanted to be a P.I. Just so I could play with cool gadgets all day. Other jobs have fun activities, but they are even harder to get.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
  • With so much literary interpretation, it kinda makes you forget how the last was was simply no fun to see.
  • OK, so it’s kinda late to be making Glogg, no matter how awesomely Nordic is is. But there’s always Something you can make. And the folks at skinnyCorp (the folks behind threadless) will tell you what that is. Just tell it what you have.
  • Make your decisions wisely. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time wondering What If. Me? So far I only have one real regret. That’s a pretty boring chart.

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