Super Link Entry: Ringing in the sad holidays season

Hippdy hop hop. Hippidy hop hop. Look at Linky go!

  • As is annual tradition, we reveal, and revel in, the truth of the chocolate bunny. We’re a bucket of slime away from being Marc Summers.
  • Speaking of sweet meat, check out this intriguing and funny description of food in Argentina.
  • Trademarkup newsdate™! Starbucks has been granted federal trademark registration for “Starbucks doubleshot®.” They immediately sued doubleshot Coffee Company™. Since it’s the company’s blog there’s some bias here. It seems obvious that it’s descriptive at best, if not entirely unprotectible. Not to mention that since there are a half-dozen DOUBLESHOT trademarks, this has likely already been limited by file wrapper. Probably it will be read as applying specifically to the name of the packaged product and that will be the end of it. On the other hand, given that he’s staring down the gorilla in the industry, some of his worry is justified. What was particularly impressive is he used the trademark terms of art aproperatly. Either he took the time to understand the law, or his lawyer writes really good client letters. Still, Starbucks seems intent on using its new toy; Expresso Inc. – sleep with one eye open.
  • NASA will blow up the moon. Monkeys who can ask “why?” are being kept away from Houston.
  • Now you can pretend you are Chloe and Jack has an urgent google search for you. Me, I recieve calls from an even more powerful phone buddy.
  • Behold, the nerdiest aprils fools news post ever. EVER.
  • Pancake Mountain is a children’s TV show, apparently designed to make children look at their parent’s musical taste with pity and distain. And cars should be more observant of tricycles. They have rights too.

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