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Amazon alert for misguided_educator

This week two DVDs will come out which showcase the cheaper to produce and more boring factual side of subject matter inspiring popular fictional entertainment.

“Real Pirates of the Caribbean” (Real Pirates of the Caribbean)

“True Stories of the Miami Vice Squad” (True Stories of the Miami Vice Squad)

By the way: All this reminds me that in High school I conceived of a video skit titled “Real Stories of the Fake Highway Patrol.” I could not get anyone to agree on the promise of the idea so it never happened. I’m just saying.

“Reno 911 – The Complete Second Season (Uncensored)” (Reno 911!)

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Schmapper at the apologize

So sorry that I have not been making posts as of late. Various more professional requirements have colluded to keep us apart. I have a whole bunch of links sitting waiting to be used, as well as pictures and tales (both tall and true) from my road-trip through the smoky mountains. Soon, friend, soon, I assume.

But since it takes very little time I thought I would mention that an online travel guide has decided to publish my photos of Lake Clara Meer for the Atlanta guide. I plan to make a static page for information about me so I can keep that stuff off the blog’s front page and this will likely go there, but since that’s not ready yet (see above) I’ll put it here for now.

If the special picker thingy does not appear, as it does not for me, then you can use this link:
Also note that it uses some sort of windows proprietary client so I have no idea how good it is. But they seem to have good taste, no?

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