Super Link Entry: More than a little Flickr-heavy edition

Another batch of snarky geeky stuff to distract you on Friday afternoon. And as always, Be careful of the bee.

  • Would you like your teenage daughter to read the bible, but they prefer secular media like Cosmo? Why not hide one inside the other? There’s a bible that looks like the syndicated parts of a yearbook for you whether you’re a young lady just blossoming into a woman, or an older girl ready to move up to more advanced patronizing texts. And don’t worry boys, there’s an extreme version of the new testament that will show you how to attract godly girls with your radical faith! (I’m not making up a word of that.)
  • People say that Irish food is bad. Don’t let them get away with that. This St. Patrick’s day learn about the greatness of Irish Cuisine. Or at least buy some grassy Irish Butter.
  • Some people think they’re good a Wii sports. They should not spend too much time investigating that feeling. Scary things lie that way.
  • Harper’s brings the fascinating story of hunting for a Russian Bride.
  • This story of vacationing in a different time-speed-zone is very cool, but only because I did not have to live through it. Poor, poor kids. If that piqued your interest in physics, why not take some time to imagine the tenth dimension? It may come in handy for a future trip. And if the current wave of anti-intelectualism turn around again, you could be a star!
  • Chandelier of gummy bears. ‘Nuff said.
  • Re-creating Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It’s not perfect, but they hit the high points! Ha HA! Points! I’m wonderful. Flickr set.
  • We must have more glossy web 2.0 logo revamps!
  • Music for robots has done their annual editing of the SXSW music torrent
  • Links for language nerds: Heroin was a trademark. Pokemonitize is genius.

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