Broadcast Network Score Report (2009-10)

Here’s the list of Broadcast network shows that I was watching, and will be watching, and how they faired in the Upfront Slaughter this year.

Cancled Shows I was watching (*and will really miss)

Cupid, ABC
Everybody Hates Chris, CW
Kings, NBC
*Life, NBC 
My Name Is Earl, NBC
Privileged, CW
*Pushing Daisies, ABC
Reaper, CW
*Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, FOX 
The Unit, CBS 
Worst Week, CBS 

Renewed Shows I was watching (*but may drop)

24, FOX
30 Rock, NBC
The Amazing Race, CBS
Better Off Ted, ABC 
The Big Bang Theory, CBS
Castle, ABC 
Chuck, NBC 
Dollhouse, FOX 
Friday Night Lights, NBC/DirecTV
*Hell’s Kitchen, FOX 
How I Met Your Mother, CBS
*Kitchen Nightmares, FOX
Lost, ABC
The Office, NBC
*Parks and Recreation, NBC 
*Scrubs, ABC (the ending was pretty good – I don’t know if I want to keep going past the ending)
The Simpsons, FOX

New Stuff I’ll give a shot (*and I am hopeful about)

NBC’s 100 Questions, comedy
*NBC’s Community, comedy
NBC’s Day One, drama (early 2010)
ABC’s Flash Forward, action-drama
FOX’s Glee, musical dramedy (I still have not watched the pilot, but you can get if free for a while from iTunes and Amazon)
FOX’s Human Target, action-drama
ABC’s V., drama

It’s a bad year all around, but especially for the CW.  

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