Bienvinededos! ¿Tú Gusta Parkfürer?

Ok I have a blog. Now you people who keep saying “you should have a blog!” and “Why don’t you have a blog?” can stop saying that. (as the first of many asides, I want to point out that the vast majority of the afore quoted people already knew I had a semi-fictional blog; the frequency of those updates should answer your questions.)

You will note that I have a lot of content considering that I only started ten seconds ago. (mostly from before this blog existed) Well, as a method if cheating I am copying things from a partial birth abortion of a LearnLink Conference. The name of that now gives the name to this blog, but I suspect I will change it soon. I had sketched out Storyarium, Rumoratrix, Logmyrhythms, Body Doubles, and Nacient Flexibility. Only some of these can be adapted to a broadcast medium, and those that can will be. I’ll explain what they are as I add them, but for the time being the only one you need to know is Logmyrhythms. It’s for the E/N crap that is now known as blogs. (You kids did know that “blogging” had a rich, boring, and mocked history long before the word blog was used, right?)

And now I will do my best to never say the word blog again.

Summer ’04
1. The name did indeed change. Where once it read Under Constructionaria, it now reads Artisinal. While both are pretty much inside jokes, the current name has the advantage of being more deducible as it does not require that you were on LL in 2001. Also, it does a much better job conveying my attitude about this blog and all blogs in general.
2. I have started to add ” –NM– ” to indicate that there is nothing more to be found in the “Read More” link. Just disable it for those posts you say? Yes, well, it’s a feature not a missing feature.
3. I have violated my effort to never say blog again, by using it many times in this update.

Winter ’04
I have fixed most issues with the software, but for some reason individual post’s pages display both the full body and the list excerpt making large portions of the post repeat. Also, comments are not working.
I’m looking into fixing it. And also changing bloging software. Any suggestions? Anything that imports from iBlog?
– Update –
The repetition was fixed by magic elves in the night. The comments are mostly fixed, though they seem to not discern which post they were attached to. I’ll do more work on it. . .

Spring ’05
Did more work on it. Comments seem to be fixed. I added an RSS feed for the comments.
Added the Flickr Feed

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