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A child

Deftly, Ms. Tsukioka, a 29-year-old experimental fashion designer, lifted a flap on her skirt to reveal a large sheet of cloth printed in bright red with a soft drink logo partly visible. By holding the sheet open and stepping to the side of the road, she showed how a woman walking alone could elude pursuers -?? by disguising herself as a vending machine. [From Fearing Crime, Japanese Wear the Hiding Place – New York Times]

Oh, dear LORD I love Japan.


Super Link Entry: More than a little Flickr-heavy edition

Another batch of snarky geeky stuff to distract you on Friday afternoon. And as always, Be careful of the bee.

  • Would you like your teenage daughter to read the bible, but they prefer secular media like Cosmo? Why not hide one inside the other? There’s a bible that looks like the syndicated parts of a yearbook for you whether you’re a young lady just blossoming into a woman, or an older girl ready to move up to more advanced patronizing texts. And don’t worry boys, there’s an extreme version of the new testament that will show you how to attract godly girls with your radical faith! (I’m not making up a word of that.)
  • People say that Irish food is bad. Don’t let them get away with that. This St. Patrick’s day learn about the greatness of Irish Cuisine. Or at least buy some grassy Irish Butter.
  • Some people think they’re good a Wii sports. They should not spend too much time investigating that feeling. Scary things lie that way.
  • Harper’s brings the fascinating story of hunting for a Russian Bride.
  • This story of vacationing in a different time-speed-zone is very cool, but only because I did not have to live through it. Poor, poor kids. If that piqued your interest in physics, why not take some time to imagine the tenth dimension? It may come in handy for a future trip. And if the current wave of anti-intelectualism turn around again, you could be a star!
  • Chandelier of gummy bears. ‘Nuff said.
  • Re-creating Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It’s not perfect, but they hit the high points! Ha HA! Points! I’m wonderful. Flickr set.
  • We must have more glossy web 2.0 logo revamps!
  • Music for robots has done their annual editing of the SXSW music torrent
  • Links for language nerds: Heroin was a trademark. Pokemonitize is genius.


Your Argfest 2008 Wardrobe

On a side note, a lot of people had been admiring/inquiring about my t-shirts. Most of me t-shirts come from threadless, an online design competition where people can submit designs to be judged by the community and possibly printed. They feed my need for ironic and bear-related clothing quite well. I saw no fewer than 5 other threadless shirts so it seems popular in the ARG community. Still if you don’t know it and I said I’d get you the link, or you were curious here they are: (And they are on sale right now)

Stuff I was wearing
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Super Link Entry: Ringing in the sad holidays season

Hippdy hop hop. Hippidy hop hop. Look at Linky go!

  • As is annual tradition, we reveal, and revel in, the truth of the chocolate bunny. We’re a bucket of slime away from being Marc Summers.
  • Speaking of sweet meat, check out this intriguing and funny description of food in Argentina.
  • Trademarkup newsdate™! Starbucks has been granted federal trademark registration for “Starbucks doubleshot®.” They immediately sued doubleshot Coffee Company™. Since it’s the company’s blog there’s some bias here. It seems obvious that it’s descriptive at best, if not entirely unprotectible. Not to mention that since there are a half-dozen DOUBLESHOT trademarks, this has likely already been limited by file wrapper. Probably it will be read as applying specifically to the name of the packaged product and that will be the end of it. On the other hand, given that he’s staring down the gorilla in the industry, some of his worry is justified. What was particularly impressive is he used the trademark terms of art aproperatly. Either he took the time to understand the law, or his lawyer writes really good client letters. Still, Starbucks seems intent on using its new toy; Expresso Inc. – sleep with one eye open.
  • NASA will blow up the moon. Monkeys who can ask “why?” are being kept away from Houston.
  • Now you can pretend you are Chloe and Jack has an urgent google search for you. Me, I recieve calls from an even more powerful phone buddy.
  • Behold, the nerdiest aprils fools news post ever. EVER.
  • Pancake Mountain is a children’s TV show, apparently designed to make children look at their parent’s musical taste with pity and distain. And cars should be more observant of tricycles. They have rights too.


There’s a place in Tampa with great atomic number 96

The kids behind my t-shirt dealer Threadless have a new web site called Extra Tasty which I have been meaning to post about for a while. it will take an inventory of your booze and compare it to a roster of user-submitted drink recipes.

Also they have their very own very cool Threadless tee. Product - Tasty Table


Super Link Entry: Founding Fathers, generous grannies, churlish canucks, and deadly doctors

Ich werde mit Nahrung der Deutscher und der Verbindungen des Internets gefüllt!

  • When it comes to Ben Franklin I have the knowledge of a rodent. For the birthday of Ben Franklin, why not learn more about him? (I totally believe people frequently ask if he was left handed.) Then you won;t seem uneducated if you are interviewed by Stephen. And hey, why not take up his personal guide to better living? I’ve already got 2, 7, 11, and 12 done without trying. (Did saying that violate 13?) And hey, doesn’t 1 and 9 being mostly the same violate the efficiency implied by 5 and 6?
  • And speaking of helpful old people
  • Last time, I told you about the lady who lost her camera. Turns out she knows where it is, but a canadian family is not returning it to her because they want to teach their kid a lesson. Seriously.
  • Do it yourself rotoscoping.
  • Even before my totally manly and defensible love for the Veronica Mars show, I wanted to be a P.I. Just so I could play with cool gadgets all day. Other jobs have fun activities, but they are even harder to get.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
  • With so much literary interpretation, it kinda makes you forget how the last was was simply no fun to see.
  • OK, so it’s kinda late to be making Glogg, no matter how awesomely Nordic is is. But there’s always Something you can make. And the folks at skinnyCorp (the folks behind threadless) will tell you what that is. Just tell it what you have.
  • Make your decisions wisely. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time wondering What If. Me? So far I only have one real regret. That’s a pretty boring chart.


Super-Link entry: Beatles and balls, Brokebacks and bunks, booms and balls (again).

Oh, that’s right. I have a journal. Sorry. All hail the godsend of RSS, eh?


Super Link Entry: Pirates, explosions, cameras everywhere, childhood adventures, and factaganzas

I’m busy + It’s friday = Super Link!

  • Yay fireworks; boo, firework factory fires.
  • My beloved Tampa is currently in its annual celebration of many things I like, including Fireworks, Pirates, Boats, Bayshore Blvd., and adorable children pirate-themed parades. That last one is a little esoteric.
  • SatuGO is the world’s first bouncing ball camera.
  • Behold the new world of DRM media.
  • A toilet Monster on Amazon is just asking for joke reviews.
  • Truth can seem stranger than fiction, unless you understand the true power of the RDF.
  • BBC News presents 100 things they did not know last year.
  • Yes.
  • A club in San Francisco has a photobooth retrofitted to post photos to flickr.
  • While my plane was delayed 4 hours last week, I kept my sanity by looking at neat stuff on the free wireless internet in the airport. Why won’t ATL follow suit? And why no birthday parties?
  • Movie blurbs selectively quoted. Go team Internet!
  • “In San Francisco, there’s an easy way to tell your sex partners you have an STD. Send them a free inSPOT e-card, ANONYMOUSLY” Yeah, that’s not going to be abused.
  • Is it Photojournalism, civic activism, all in good fun, or just being a jacktard with a camera?
  • Random wiretaps can even affect the ex-wives of super heros.


Now I feel worse for all the puerile jokes we made as kids

A good story of how a local Georgia business success followed a quality over quantity strategy.

The Man Who Said No to Wal-Mart:

Wier traveled to Bentonville with a firm grasp of the values of Snapper, the dynamics of the lawn-mower business, the needs of the dealers, the needs of the Snapper customer, and the needs of the Wal-Mart customer. He was not dazzled by the tens of millions of dollars’ worth of lawn mowers Wal-Mart was already selling for Snapper; he was not deluded about his ability to beat Wal-Mart at its own game, to somehow resist the price pressure. He was not imagining that he could take the sales now and figure out the profits later.

Jim Wier believed that Snapper’s health–indeed, its very long-term survival–required that it not do business with Wal-Mart.


And now, the Nations of the world, with Wakko Bunker

Using Google searches someone has made a map of the things for which people in the world are best known. There’s a certain intellectually deficient aspect of equating page-rank with accuracy. Swedes are known for making viking longboats, but Norwegians are not? Perhaps they are confusing longboats with long tables. Besides, I have it on good authority that we are, and always have been about, adventure.

Of course there are some that are just plain odd. For insistence, I had no Idea that Ethiopians are known for “Rocksteady Records.” Nor any idea what Rocksteady records are. The entire United Kingdom has “Aristocratic kitchens?” Mongolians haver a “Wicked sense of humor?” Even assuming that Google didn’t get their information from Boston’s South Side and that is meant to be read literally, Mongolians and humor of any kind are not a set in my mind. People don’t usually build a wall to keep out humor. Unless we’re making metaphors for my social life.

Despite calling this the prejudice map. it’s really not about prejudice. It fails to fulfill the pejorative connotation. This is more like it.

Not that I like that sort of thing. I’m known for my openness and humor and my gentility and hospitality.

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