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Oh, the humanity mostly survived

Damn Interesting » The Hindenburg and Humanity:

Only thirty-seven seconds after the first sign of trouble, the mighty dirigible was a heap of flaming ruins on the ground. Amazingly, sixty-two of the ninety-seven passengers escaped with their lives, including the Hindenburg’s captain. Thirty-five people on the aircraft were killed, as well as one member of the ground crew– or the “mass of humanity” as Herbert Morrison had described them before the accident, hence his famous cry of distress.

Other interesting facts abound.


Search Flickr by sketch

This is one of the coolest things ever.

retrievr – search by sketch:

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Bunnicula Jr. and pals

One of the greatest games ever was the LucasArts title Sam and Max. Over the years the duo have found their way into a variety of media, including a saturday morning TV cartoon. Now, for the new serial video game picked up (yay) after Lucasarts killed their sequel Sam and Max literally return from the dead in an interactive Comic. The first two pages are up. Be sure to mouse over the image to read it.


Super Link Entry: Video Vdition

For the end of they year I’m throwing an all-video super link. SO grab a beer, or something that does not suck, and sit back in your favorite non-workplace environment. (oops)

  • Anyone who played as much Burnout 3 as I did will enjoy this. People who listen to the radio will either enjoy it or write angry poetry about it.
  • Learn to eat Sushi, the authentic Japanese way.
  • Learn from this instructional video on school dress codes.
  • Statler and Waldorf present every Christmas movie ever made.
  • At the end of the year, as you make resolutions, remember that whoever you are, you are somebody’s fetish.


It DO be like plunder

Panda Xpress presents a Christmas story for our times, or at the very least, this web domain.

See you on the other side of the birthday corridor.


I was silent-watching Dick Van Dyke

The reviews on often suffer from the Ice-Tong problem. However, it may be that they are starting to show the creative side of internet reviews too.

I found this on the FLCL page:

Flcl Review


Get taken to a dreamworld of magic

You can call us Arron Burr from the way we’re drop’n Hamoltons.


Super Link Entry: lots of linguistic ambiguity, cute animals in various danger, and driving a running joke into the ground

Happy boring Friday.


Husky brain rescue

I have indeed been gone for a while. I ventured up to Baltimore, which while often argued to be in the south, is as far north as I go these days, and ended up getting snowed in. Apparently Airtran has made Atlantan snow theories company-wide policy. Represent.

Being in Baltimore does have certain advantages, it does mean that I am without convenient broadband access. Considering I was attempting to avoid weather, venturing out to my lifeline was more service to the dear reader than I was prepared to give. Instead I tried moblogging on flickr, but inside makes for poor pictures. I hope you will understand. My penance is approximately 1000 RSS articles plus message boards I must now slog through.

The good thing about partying like it’s 1999, some totally ordinary winter day in 1999, is that I got to listen to a bunch of podcasts which I had been putting off. Post in point – the Science Friday Podcast with Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science. One caller asked him what he thought of Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. Mooney took the classy way out, simply noting that in a work of fiction the author may bend reality as he sees fit. Not particularly what either of us wanted to hear.

“The Republican War on Science”

Which is why I was so happy when providence dropped RealClimate » Michael Crichton’s State of Confusion in my lap. You can take the debater out of the activity, but you can never take his love of the cite.


Can I as you a few questions about George Went?

Crazy Apple Rumors Site brings the funny:
Apple Launches iPod Site For Idiots.


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