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Swedish apologies

Computer Borken. Bloggen suftware un der computer. Web furm poesten maker no chukin der spelling. Fuldur of supur link entry links un der computer.


Be a wilne with no jaber fuble tanken duugke frum me.

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The site actually works now

The archives, and a search page are now up under “about Artisinal”. Finally. The Search results are not returning in the style I would like, and I’d rather the post list appear under the archives heading, but these are minor complaints. Now I really ought to do something about Blueprint 3.0. Times like this I wish I took CS classes.


Fall Media Roundup

I’m going off the grid for a few days, and haven’t really prepared anything to fill the time I’m certain you have budgeted for this site. Thus, I’ll be all spiritual about it and just point you to what has been occupying my time lately.

Amazon links first, more nerdy link following.
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Honey, I’m home

The New Front page for is finished.


Open for Business, Again

Artisinal 2.0 is now to the point where I am OK with people seeing it.  I am by no means done with it (especially the sidebar) but it’s good enough that I am going to move on the other projects for the new  All of the old posts have been moved, and most will be updated to the new look.  The old site will keep going, as it will preserve the original formatting of the harder to convert posts not worth the effort, but from here on out, it’s this green machine.
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Back (hopefully)

Had some technical difficulties. Hopefully these are fixed. Lets see if you can read it.
EDIT comments are borken. Working on it.

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