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This is going to save Billboard a LOT on surveys

A few years back The Onion had a joke in a statshot about Britney Spears (or another of her fungible ilk) that read “Teen Pop Album Pro 2.0 does it again!” (they appear to want money for you to see it now).

Once again, Life imitates sarcasm.

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You only live twice

And the 2nd one may require being made of steel.

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Music out of Water

Lauren made a blog entry about Rap songs re-worked by someone with more historical sensibilities. That’s great, and we have that. (I assume everyone has the Gin and Juice cover by now) But it’s a favorite genre around here so here’s more for you.

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It’s time for another Good Idea/Bad Idea

After months of thinking how to transport rap lyrics to other genres I have decided.

Barbershop harmony is the best choice. So who want’s to start a group?

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