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Introducing the me White Floridian.

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First a Doctor, then a Colonel, and now a professor

Well, since you read it so closely, how can I complain?


Gimme, gimme, make it recharge independently, gimme

Ugobe / Pleo:

Pleo is a one-week old infant Camarasaurus from the Jurassic period. Camarasaurus were born and raised in giant fern forests. They evolved camouflage that allowed them to blend with their environment of ferns, moss and ruff, the detritus that littered the forest floor. The first Pleo created is a Fernback. His markings help him to survive by hiding among the giant fern fronds in his habitat.

Pleo is an authentic Life Form. Treat him gently like any other living thing. Your Pleo will let you know how he feels at any moment. That’s because he is capable of actual emotions including joy, aggression, sorrow, and fear. He can also yawn, sigh, sniff, sniffle, snore, cough, hiccup, and sneeze.

Pleo features include
– 14 servo joints (torso, head, tail, neck, legs) with force feedback
– 38-touch, sound, light and tilt sensors including nine touch sensors (mouth, chest, head,
shoulders, back, feet) and 8 feet and toe sensors
– Fluid quadruped motion
– Ability to avoid obstacles and not walk off edges
– Sound output, stereo sound sensors and music beat detection
– Autonomous interaction with owner and environment including coughing, blinking eyes,
chomping, twitching, sighing, sneezing, sniffing, growling stomach, tail drift, and yawning
– Distinct moods including anger, boredom, playfulness, hunting, cautious, cuddling,
disgust, disorientation, distress, fear, curiosity, joy, sorrow, surprise, fatigue, hunger, and
a desire for social interaction
– Upgradeable, Life Form OS and Personality System


Quoth the raven, thread some more

Truth be known I actually have a completely adequate number of threads. You might even say I am lousy in threads.

Nonetheless, you should vote for these so I may then have them. Submission - How Giraffes Came To Be Submission - wildlife wrestling federation
This second shirt has bonus awesome because it involves a notable event in trademark law.

And yes, I’m like a raven. We both enjoy. . . shiny things.

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Said it before; say it again

I love the Tampa Theater; I love the Mighty Wurlitzer.


I do not, however, love Jesus is Magic.


Husky brain rescue

I have indeed been gone for a while. I ventured up to Baltimore, which while often argued to be in the south, is as far north as I go these days, and ended up getting snowed in. Apparently Airtran has made Atlantan snow theories company-wide policy. Represent.

Being in Baltimore does have certain advantages, it does mean that I am without convenient broadband access. Considering I was attempting to avoid weather, venturing out to my lifeline was more service to the dear reader than I was prepared to give. Instead I tried moblogging on flickr, but inside makes for poor pictures. I hope you will understand. My penance is approximately 1000 RSS articles plus message boards I must now slog through.

The good thing about partying like it’s 1999, some totally ordinary winter day in 1999, is that I got to listen to a bunch of podcasts which I had been putting off. Post in point – the Science Friday Podcast with Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science. One caller asked him what he thought of Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. Mooney took the classy way out, simply noting that in a work of fiction the author may bend reality as he sees fit. Not particularly what either of us wanted to hear.

“The Republican War on Science”

Which is why I was so happy when providence dropped RealClimate » Michael Crichton’s State of Confusion in my lap. You can take the debater out of the activity, but you can never take his love of the cite.


12 months of Helens agree

Nobel Intent: A year in the life of an active volcano:
A series of images from the Mt. St. Helens volcano, which is undergoing massive change turns into a point about the function of governmental science, and how best to promote science and the useful arts while getting the intellectual property back to the financial backers (taxpayers) as quickly as possible. Have I mentioned Ars is fantastic?
Especially since I finally have a link to give when I mention Ooblick and people look at me funny. Growing up at a science museum gives one certain unfounded assumptions about shared experiences and childhood playthings.


From Forbes

Picture 1


Reason 3944 why Tampa International is super

free FAST internet



They could have used WPA

There is a wireless access point in my building with an SSID of Shalom, but it’s not very welcoming.

List of wifi access points, including "shalom" locked down with encryption


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