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Bumper cars

I love Darrin a whole lot, but I think it is safe to say that the fates have a bulls-eye painted on him. I also renew my demand for more stringent licensing of drivers.

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Bickering on the half shell

As has been previously mentioned, Kurt and I like to argue on public forums for the entertainment of ourselves and others. I’m saving this one because I like it and because I do not trust the technical proficiency of the person responsible for the forum on which it was created.
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Time to edit the resume


GA Bar ICLE Tech Law Seminar – Morning

I’m spending today at the 20th annual Bar of georgia Technology Law Institute.  Rather than listen mindlessly as people fumble over describing how P2P networking works I have decided I will do a live journal update for the conference.  Considering the number of viewers I have, live does not need to be live; since the GA bar is providing WiFi without connectivity, it will come in chunks.  I’ll add in formating and important links after the event (probably tomorrow).  I guess this is the value of a wiki…

Here’s the Morning session:

EDIT: Actually, given the brevity of the afternoon session, and the fact that the first part was unremarkable, and the second part is available for download from the Tech law section’s web site, I’m not going to have a followup post.
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Smokey Scotch and making out like the bandit

Hi.  So I’m back after an extended absence.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is whoever is still here will benefit from content from the weekend.  I went to two new restaurants so reviews are forthcoming, including the photo-essay of my 14 course brunch at the four seasons (Hmm, I’m never shaking this damn reputation now am I?)

Well in that case, full speed ahead.  Should you need anything in the way of fine men’s apparel, please contact Kenan Suberk at Bloomingdales Lenox.  404.495.2916 or  Not only does he have good taste and gives good service, last night he invited me to a party with free food, an open bar, Scotch tasting table, shoe shines, manicures, and he handed me a bag containing easily over a thousand dollars worth of random stuff and six hundred dollars of discounts. 
I feel guilty. 
I also have a pair of medium underwear that I will never be able to use.

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Prolegomena to going to the Globe

Some of you may be considering going to The Globe restaurant to take advantage of the 1k OpenTable points.  A few tips for you:

  1. The parking Garage is well before the main street of Cenergy Plaza.  Trying to get back to it is a real pain.  Watch for it as soon as you pass the Cheetah.
  2. Do not go to the Globe.

More when BP 3.0 goes 102. 


Labor Day Food Plan

I love puzzles.
Wanna play?


[FOOD] Picasso (From BluePrint)

I put the photos from the Vegas Trip up on Flickr, and it put me in the mind of this review I did for BluePrint.

Grade:4.8 Shoes

Menu as reviewed:

Peekytoe Crab Salad
with Apple-Champagne Vinaigrette
Roasted U-10 Day Boat Scallops
with Potatoes Mousseline and Jus de Veau
Sauteed Foie Gras
with Dried Organic Sour Cherries
Aged Lamb R?ti
with Crust of Truffles and Au Jus
Review: For he record the scale is out of 5 shoes. what lost them the 0.2s? Well two things really. The sheer difficulty of eating at the restaurant and the fact that it turns out I mildly dislike Foie Gras. The latter really isn’t their fault, but I’m holding them responsible just the same.

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Obsessive stat obsession JR.

While trying to deal with the problem that google is returning my blog for searches I found this referral search:

wild noodles litigation

Odd enough, but the most common? “Campus movie fest” examples.

They. . . have them ALL on their site.


also returned: this unbelievable description.

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Too lazy to cook; too lazy to be specific

BryanL, the web presence of whom I have recently re-found, has posted his food categorization. I like it and will be incorporating it into my conversations. Be prepared. (Though 2.5 will just be replaced with Wolfgang Puck Express as it is the only known example in the Atlanta area. Also, it will be a rare moment I do not try to deny the existence of Cheesecake Factory)

LEVEL ONE FAST: McDonalds, BK, Bell, KFC… the standbys. Cheap. Greasy. Traditional.

LEVEL TWO FAST: Counter-service “meal replacement” trend. Boston Market, Chipotle and ilk, Punch’s, probably that Potbelly place, Baja Sol. The ingredient quality is a notch above Level One, as are the prices.

LEVEL TWO POINT FIVE FAST: Counter Service ordering and paying, but they bring the food to you. Wild Noodles, Noodles & Company.

LEVEL ONE SLOW: Applebees, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays

LEVEL TWO SLOW: Expensive chains (PF Changs, Cheesecake Fucking Factory)

LEVEL THREE SLOW: Real restaurant.

LEVEL FOUR SLOW: Real restaurant where you drop a wad.



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