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Broadcast Network Score Report (2009-10)

Here’s the list of Broadcast network shows that I was watching, and will be watching, and how they faired in the Upfront Slaughter this year.
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He’s a pistol

WiReD Science is airing (check your local public TV listings). Here’s a fun clip for you to play along with at home. What’s he making? Will you listen to me now?


What I Watch

Over the past couple weeks I have tried to list shows on TV that are worth watching, but it’s a hard thing to remember off hand. It was time to reorganize the TiVo Season pass list anyway, so I thought I’d post it. (a cop-out blog post? Sure, but it’s important to ease back into it slowly.) This will both serve as a list of shows you should consider watching, and an easier way to tell people what I’m watching.

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Amazon alert for misguided_educator

This week two DVDs will come out which showcase the cheaper to produce and more boring factual side of subject matter inspiring popular fictional entertainment.

“Real Pirates of the Caribbean” (Real Pirates of the Caribbean)

“True Stories of the Miami Vice Squad” (True Stories of the Miami Vice Squad)

By the way: All this reminds me that in High school I conceived of a video skit titled “Real Stories of the Fake Highway Patrol.” I could not get anyone to agree on the promise of the idea so it never happened. I’m just saying.

“Reno 911 – The Complete Second Season (Uncensored)” (Reno 911!)

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I finally got around to watching the free episode of Conviction (the latest from the Law and Order guy) that NBC put up on iTunes, when my delighted eyes spy Julianne Nicholson. Yay. For reasons I can’t really explain I just like watching her act. I’m going to wait for the actual premiere tonight since the iTunes video is pretty low resolution, but what I saw so far is not promising. So not promising that people might not watch it. So it would be cancled. Which would interfere with the whole me watching her thing. Which is where you, my faithful readers come in. I mean this has got to be better then some of the other stuff that is available.

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Punch another piece out of the man card

As is so often the case, the only reason to watch the Super Bowl is the commercials. And now you don’t have to watch the Superbowl to see those. Thanks internet.

AOL Sports: Super Bowl Commercials 2006:

And hey, since you’re my reader I’ll save you more time. Just watch the 4th quarter Mastercard ad and skip the rest.


Make it torture time

A number of American actors will go be total shills for products on Japanese TV under the assumption that the American audience will not see the spot and their reputation will remain mostly intact while they make a quick buck. (if you saw last years most over-hyped movie lost in translation, you know the drill)

Now we have one of these from Jack Bauer. No, not Kiefer Sutherland, actually AS JACK BAUER. These things are nearly as awesome as the new season.

Commercial the first, the middle, and the best for last


Sic ’em Foamy

Batman & Robin | The A.V. Club:
The AV club does a series called commentaries of the dammed where they review the commentary tracks for DVDs of bad movies. It’s not a great feature, but they occasionally hit pay-dirt. When I saw that it was taking on that vile movie Batman and Robin and a commentary by the man I hate most in the entire world of creative endeavors, Joel Schumacher, I figured it could not miss. Well, unless they dug up new dark thing for me to lament.

Commentary in a nutshell: “There was enormous pressure on us to create more inventions in the film that could be turned into toys. I learned a new phrase in my life called ‘toyetic,’ [which means] whether a movie is ‘toyetic’ or not and how many toys people can get out of it. Hence, a lot of toys in this movie.”

Now, as far as I know that was a word invented by Freakazoid for the Freakmobile. Which means one of three things:

  1. The word was in fact pre-existing, in which case Freakazoid is slightly less original than I thought
  2. The show has enough traction to change the common vocabulary of Hollywood yet there is STILL NO DVD AVAILABLE.
  3. Schumacher watches Freakazoid.

NONE of these things are welcome. Thanks Joel, for giving me one more reason to hate you.

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It looks like you pulled that out of the toilet

I resisted Project Runway last season and I think It’s good I waited. What I know of fashion is limited to my addiction to T-shirts with visual puns and e-tailers who cater the the modern rugged mongoloid. I would have most likely been bewildered by the fungible entries of the contestants. This season the person I should root for is clear.


We love AIDS prevention

It’s World AIDS Day and Doctors without borders made this Katamari-inspired ad.


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