Unfortunate Clayfoot Pictures

Clayfoot decided to post all of his photos from ARGfest-o-con ’07 without editorial trimming to meet the challenge deadline. He promised to trim it down to the best later.

That’s one way to go…
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What I Watch

Over the past couple weeks I have tried to list shows on TV that are worth watching, but it’s a hard thing to remember off hand. It was time to reorganize the TiVo Season pass list anyway, so I thought I’d post it. (a cop-out blog post? Sure, but it’s important to ease back into it slowly.) This will both serve as a list of shows you should consider watching, and an easier way to tell people what I’m watching.

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Amazon alert for misguided_educator

This week two DVDs will come out which showcase the cheaper to produce and more boring factual side of subject matter inspiring popular fictional entertainment.

“Real Pirates of the Caribbean” (Real Pirates of the Caribbean)

“True Stories of the Miami Vice Squad” (True Stories of the Miami Vice Squad)

By the way: All this reminds me that in High school I conceived of a video skit titled “Real Stories of the Fake Highway Patrol.” I could not get anyone to agree on the promise of the idea so it never happened. I’m just saying.

“Reno 911 – The Complete Second Season (Uncensored)” (Reno 911!)

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Schmapper at the apologize

So sorry that I have not been making posts as of late. Various more professional requirements have colluded to keep us apart. I have a whole bunch of links sitting waiting to be used, as well as pictures and tales (both tall and true) from my road-trip through the smoky mountains. Soon, friend, soon, I assume.

But since it takes very little time I thought I would mention that an online travel guide has decided to publish my photos of Lake Clara Meer for the Atlanta guide. I plan to make a static page for information about me so I can keep that stuff off the blog’s front page and this will likely go there, but since that’s not ready yet (see above) I’ll put it here for now.

If the special picker thingy does not appear, as it does not for me, then you can use this link:
Also note that it uses some sort of windows proprietary client so I have no idea how good it is. But they seem to have good taste, no?

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Kurt @ 26

Kurt @ 26
Kurt @ 26,
originally uploaded by Vortech.

Piñata video here. Enjoy Prof. Berman shuffling by confused about 10 sec in.


Super Link Entry: Ringing in the sad holidays season

Hippdy hop hop. Hippidy hop hop. Look at Linky go!

  • As is annual tradition, we reveal, and revel in, the truth of the chocolate bunny. We’re a bucket of slime away from being Marc Summers.
  • Speaking of sweet meat, check out this intriguing and funny description of food in Argentina.
  • Trademarkup newsdate™! Starbucks has been granted federal trademark registration for “Starbucks doubleshot®.” They immediately sued doubleshot Coffee Company™. Since it’s the company’s blog there’s some bias here. It seems obvious that it’s descriptive at best, if not entirely unprotectible. Not to mention that since there are a half-dozen DOUBLESHOT trademarks, this has likely already been limited by file wrapper. Probably it will be read as applying specifically to the name of the packaged product and that will be the end of it. On the other hand, given that he’s staring down the gorilla in the industry, some of his worry is justified. What was particularly impressive is he used the trademark terms of art aproperatly. Either he took the time to understand the law, or his lawyer writes really good client letters. Still, Starbucks seems intent on using its new toy; Expresso Inc. – sleep with one eye open.
  • NASA will blow up the moon. Monkeys who can ask “why?” are being kept away from Houston.
  • Now you can pretend you are Chloe and Jack has an urgent google search for you. Me, I recieve calls from an even more powerful phone buddy.
  • Behold, the nerdiest aprils fools news post ever. EVER.
  • Pancake Mountain is a children’s TV show, apparently designed to make children look at their parent’s musical taste with pity and distain. And cars should be more observant of tricycles. They have rights too.


There’s a place in Tampa with great atomic number 96

The kids behind my t-shirt dealer Threadless have a new web site called Extra Tasty which I have been meaning to post about for a while. it will take an inventory of your booze and compare it to a roster of user-submitted drink recipes.

Also they have their very own very cool Threadless tee.
Threadless.com Product - Tasty Table


First a Doctor, then a Colonel, and now a professor

Well, since you read it so closely, how can I complain?


The Game

Wired 14.03: The Great Escape:
I so very much want to play this. Especially in some sort of beekeeper reunion. Unfortunately the game seems more focused on individual achievement.

I know it goes against the you-against-the-world atmosphere for the game and the general gamer ethos, but I just like cooperative play much more. I think they should have at least parallel tasks and then allow you to see your teammates on those ubiquitous plot-moving plasmas.


There’s no good title unused, for advertising fun news, so I wrote, a poem note, but forgot the rules of haikus.

A bunch of interesting/clever/weird ads have been bouncing around the web lately. I steal the content they stole and offer it to you. (I have ideas for actual entries, but I don’t have the time to write them…)

Pictures in the read more link.
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