I finally got around to watching the free episode of Conviction (the latest from the Law and Order guy) that NBC put up on iTunes, when my delighted eyes spy Julianne Nicholson. Yay. For reasons I can’t really explain I just like watching her act. I’m going to wait for the actual premiere tonight since the iTunes video is pretty low resolution, but what I saw so far is not promising. So not promising that people might not watch it. So it would be cancled. Which would interfere with the whole me watching her thing. Which is where you, my faithful readers come in. I mean this has got to be better then some of the other stuff that is available.

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Super Link Entry: Founding Fathers, generous grannies, churlish canucks, and deadly doctors

Ich werde mit Nahrung der Deutscher und der Verbindungen des Internets gefüllt!

  • When it comes to Ben Franklin I have the knowledge of a rodent. For the birthday of Ben Franklin, why not learn more about him? (I totally believe people frequently ask if he was left handed.) Then you won;t seem uneducated if you are interviewed by Stephen. And hey, why not take up his personal guide to better living? I’ve already got 2, 7, 11, and 12 done without trying. (Did saying that violate 13?) And hey, doesn’t 1 and 9 being mostly the same violate the efficiency implied by 5 and 6?
  • And speaking of helpful old people
  • Last time, I told you about the lady who lost her camera. Turns out she knows where it is, but a canadian family is not returning it to her because they want to teach their kid a lesson. Seriously.
  • Do it yourself rotoscoping.
  • Even before my totally manly and defensible love for the Veronica Mars show, I wanted to be a P.I. Just so I could play with cool gadgets all day. Other jobs have fun activities, but they are even harder to get.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
  • With so much literary interpretation, it kinda makes you forget how the last was was simply no fun to see.
  • OK, so it’s kinda late to be making Glogg, no matter how awesomely Nordic is is. But there’s always Something you can make. And the folks at skinnyCorp (the folks behind threadless) will tell you what that is. Just tell it what you have.
  • Make your decisions wisely. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time wondering What If. Me? So far I only have one real regret. That’s a pretty boring chart.


Super-Link entry: Beatles and balls, Brokebacks and bunks, booms and balls (again).

Oh, that’s right. I have a journal. Sorry. All hail the godsend of RSS, eh?


Gimme, gimme, make it recharge independently, gimme

Ugobe / Pleo:

Pleo is a one-week old infant Camarasaurus from the Jurassic period. Camarasaurus were born and raised in giant fern forests. They evolved camouflage that allowed them to blend with their environment of ferns, moss and ruff, the detritus that littered the forest floor. The first Pleo created is a Fernback. His markings help him to survive by hiding among the giant fern fronds in his habitat.

Pleo is an authentic Life Form. Treat him gently like any other living thing. Your Pleo will let you know how he feels at any moment. That’s because he is capable of actual emotions including joy, aggression, sorrow, and fear. He can also yawn, sigh, sniff, sniffle, snore, cough, hiccup, and sneeze.

Pleo features include
– 14 servo joints (torso, head, tail, neck, legs) with force feedback
– 38-touch, sound, light and tilt sensors including nine touch sensors (mouth, chest, head,
shoulders, back, feet) and 8 feet and toe sensors
– Fluid quadruped motion
– Ability to avoid obstacles and not walk off edges
– Sound output, stereo sound sensors and music beat detection
– Autonomous interaction with owner and environment including coughing, blinking eyes,
chomping, twitching, sighing, sneezing, sniffing, growling stomach, tail drift, and yawning
– Distinct moods including anger, boredom, playfulness, hunting, cautious, cuddling,
disgust, disorientation, distress, fear, curiosity, joy, sorrow, surprise, fatigue, hunger, and
a desire for social interaction
– Upgradeable, Life Form OS and Personality System


Punch another piece out of the man card

As is so often the case, the only reason to watch the Super Bowl is the commercials. And now you don’t have to watch the Superbowl to see those. Thanks internet.

AOL Sports: Super Bowl Commercials 2006:

And hey, since you’re my reader I’ll save you more time. Just watch the 4th quarter Mastercard ad and skip the rest.


I need some kind of Pirate tie-breaker


Super Link Entry: Pirates, explosions, cameras everywhere, childhood adventures, and factaganzas

I’m busy + It’s friday = Super Link!

  • Yay fireworks; boo, firework factory fires.
  • My beloved Tampa is currently in its annual celebration of many things I like, including Fireworks, Pirates, Boats, Bayshore Blvd., and adorable children pirate-themed parades. That last one is a little esoteric.
  • SatuGO is the world’s first bouncing ball camera.
  • Behold the new world of DRM media.
  • A toilet Monster on Amazon is just asking for joke reviews.
  • Truth can seem stranger than fiction, unless you understand the true power of the RDF.
  • BBC News presents 100 things they did not know last year.
  • Yes.
  • A club in San Francisco has a photobooth retrofitted to post photos to flickr.
  • While my plane was delayed 4 hours last week, I kept my sanity by looking at neat stuff on the free wireless internet in the airport. Why won’t ATL follow suit? And why no birthday parties?
  • Movie blurbs selectively quoted. Go team Internet!
  • “In San Francisco, there’s an easy way to tell your sex partners you have an STD. Send them a free inSPOT e-card, ANONYMOUSLY” Yeah, that’s not going to be abused.
  • Is it Photojournalism, civic activism, all in good fun, or just being a jacktard with a camera?
  • Random wiretaps can even affect the ex-wives of super heros.


Now I feel worse for all the puerile jokes we made as kids

A good story of how a local Georgia business success followed a quality over quantity strategy.

The Man Who Said No to Wal-Mart:

Wier traveled to Bentonville with a firm grasp of the values of Snapper, the dynamics of the lawn-mower business, the needs of the dealers, the needs of the Snapper customer, and the needs of the Wal-Mart customer. He was not dazzled by the tens of millions of dollars’ worth of lawn mowers Wal-Mart was already selling for Snapper; he was not deluded about his ability to beat Wal-Mart at its own game, to somehow resist the price pressure. He was not imagining that he could take the sales now and figure out the profits later.

Jim Wier believed that Snapper’s health–indeed, its very long-term survival–required that it not do business with Wal-Mart.


Make it torture time

A number of American actors will go be total shills for products on Japanese TV under the assumption that the American audience will not see the spot and their reputation will remain mostly intact while they make a quick buck. (if you saw last years most over-hyped movie lost in translation, you know the drill)

Now we have one of these from Jack Bauer. No, not Kiefer Sutherland, actually AS JACK BAUER. These things are nearly as awesome as the new season.

Commercial the first, the middle, and the best for last


Quoth the raven, thread some more

Truth be known I actually have a completely adequate number of threads. You might even say I am lousy in threads.

Nonetheless, you should vote for these so I may then have them. Submission - How Giraffes Came To Be Submission - wildlife wrestling federation
This second shirt has bonus awesome because it involves a notable event in trademark law.

And yes, I’m like a raven. We both enjoy. . . shiny things.

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